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In the twenty years the Avett Brothers have been recording they’ve returned to common themes of spirituality, family and living simply. Their new album “The Third Gleam” has honest songs done in the simplest of ways, all acoustic. . 

“The Third Gleam” is the follow-up to a couple of beloved eps “The Gleam” and “Gleam II” released in 2006 & 2008. While the new release is a full fledged album, it “glistens,” if you will, with the earnestness of those two releases. 

With their original trio, Scott and Seth Avett with bassist Bob Crawford, “The Third Gleam” was recorded ahead of the pandemic but the songs capture their timely personal experiences and perspectives.

Scott and Seth wrote this about the album. “It’s my brother and I, singing about what is on our minds and in our hearts, another chance that we may partake in connecting with our brothers and sisters of this world, and hopefully joining you in noticing a speck of light gleaming in what appears to be a relatively long and dark night.”