June 24, 2021

Welcome to this edition of the Passport newsletter. I am delighted to share the news that American Public Television (APT) will begin uploading their libraries to Passport beginning this September, the process will take six months to complete but will ultimately add over 3,000 episodes to the Passport collection. APT produces the majority of the cooking and travel programs you see on WHRO TV15 including Rick Steves’ Travel series and America’s Test Kitchen. This is super exciting news and we will be sure and highlight the additional content in the Fall. 

- Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

Masterpiece: Us

Masterpiece US

Based on a novel by best-selling author David Nicholls, Us follows the story of a couple who embark on a long-planned grand tour of Europe, even though the wife has already decided and told her husband that she thinks she might want to leave their marriage. A heartfelt, witty story that explores love, differences, and the tragedy that bonds a couple. Watch now.




Monty Python: A Celebration

Monty Python's: Best Bits Celebrated

Monty Python’s influence on comedy has been compared to the Beatles’ influence on music, a pivotal moment in the evolution of television humor. Celebrating the cultural legacy and influence of the troupe, this special pairs their original material with new and entertaining commentary from celebrities that consider them a major influence in their careers. Watch Now.





American Masters: Ballerina Boys

American Masters: Ballerina Boys 

Discover Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (The Trocks), an all-male company that for 45 years has offered audiences their passion for ballet classics mixed with exuberant comedy. With every step, they poke fun at their strictly gendered art form. Watch Now.





Inside the Met

Inside the Met 

The largest art museum in the Americas prepares to celebrate its 150th birthday with a treasure trove of landmark exhibitions. When COVID-19 strikes, the world shuts down, and for the first time in its history, the Met closes its doors. Then comes another crisis: in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, there are urgent demands for social justice. How will the Met respond to a changing world? Watch Now.






Mark Your Calendar


Unforgotten Season 4

In the most dramatic season yet, Cassie and Sunny investigate a cold case with alarming links to the police force when a corpse is discovered in a scrapyard, his features frozen in time. All four suspects have links to the law and attended the same police training course back in 1989. But exactly who is fighting for justice? Premieres July 11. Watch the Preview.






WHRO Member Pick

The Blinding of Isaac Woodard

American Experience 

“To pick a favorite program from WHRO PASSPORT is like having to choose a favorite child! Having said that, I think one program I would highlight is American Experience because of the breadth of topics that are so deeply delved into such as the recent, "The Blinding of Isaac Woodard". This devastating and extremely important story reveals a history that is critical to know if we are to move ahead together in the pursuit of racial justice in our country. I learned much I did not know, particularly President Truman's bold action (at the time) to address the national convention of the NAACP. Something no U.S. President had done before and by doing that a statement was made for all the world to know that equal justice under the law is for ALL AMERICANS. WHRO PASSPORT simply broadened my knowledge of a history I did not know.” 

Peg Snowden VolkPeg Snowden Volk
WHRO Community Advisory Board





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