February 29, 2024

Since it is Leap Day, here's a fun calendar factoid to kick things off! The concept of a leap year dates back to 46 BCE when Julius Caesar instituted his Julian calendar, though it was still off by 11+ minutes annually.

By 1582, the discrepancy was 10 days, so Pope Gregory XIII issued a Papal Bull creating the more accurate Gregorian calendar. However, this wasn't adopted until 1752 in Britain and its colonies.

More tweaks ensued, including leap seconds starting in 1972. As the National Bureau of Standards' James A. Barnes said, "It takes time to agree on time."

And with that history lesson, enjoy this week's programming highlights!

Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife Season 13 - Early Access!

The Midwives return for a new season. It's 1969 and more babies are being born in the hospital than ever before. Poplar is coping better than most due to the work of Nonnatus House and the popularity of home births under the auspices of the Sisters.
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Fly With Me

American Experience: Fly With Me

Fly with Me tells the story of the pioneering women who became flight attendants at a time with single women were unable to order a drink, eat alone in a restaurant, own a credit card or get a prescription for birth control. The job offered unheard-of opportunities for travel and independence. These women were on the frontlines of the battle to assert gender equality and transform the workplace.
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The Dream Whisperer

The Dream Whisperer

In the midst of segregation, the all-Black Tennessee A&I Tigers made history by winning three straight national championships. Captain Dick Barnett fought to secure recognition for his team. In 2019, their induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame marked the victory of his persistence. Discover their triumph over adversity and Barnett's relentless effort to preserve their legacy.
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Nina from Walter Presents

Forced to interrupt her studies in medicine for 10 years to raise her daughter Lily, who was stricken with cancer, Nina put her career on hold. Now that Lily is cured, 39-year-old Nina intends to take life back into her own hands by becoming a nurse at the Madeleine Bres Hospital. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.
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Mark Your Calendar


Nolly on Masterpiece

Helena Bonham Carter stars in Nolly. Nolly reveals the story of Noele "Nolly" Gordon, one of the most famous faces on British TV in the 1960s and 70s, whose unceremonious firing from her hit show at the height of her career was front-page news. All episodes premieres in Passport, March 17. Watch the preview







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