From beaches to backyards, we have fun activities to heat up your summer. Science videos, crafts and activities such as birdwatching or nature walks—these activities will help your kids learn about the world around them while offering fun for the whole family.  

Summer Camp text in the sand with beach accessories

Summer Camp - Nature

Head outside for these exciting summer activities to foster nature and science exploration. This collection includes videos, printables, and interactives on exploring nature, for PreK-5th grades.

Student Printable | Let's Observe Place Mat
Use this Elinor Wonders Why place mat to talk about what you are seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling over your next snack or mealtime. What can you observe with your eyes, ears, nose, skin, and mouth?  

Field Guide Family Activity | MOLLY OF DENALI™
Use this Field Guide to Birds from the PBS KIDS series MOLLY OF DENALI™ to identify and learn more about birds in your neighborhood. Then seek out additional information and create your own pages to add to Molly’s guide.

Investigating Bubbles | Camp GPB
Using the design inquiry process, campers will investigate ways they can create bubbles using household materials.

Activity: Let's Take a Walk | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
This activity helps children get outdoors and explore the world around them, while fostering goals like cooperation, curiosity, and an appreciation for nature.

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The Science of Summer

Get ready for summer by exploring the science behind some of your favorite summer activities. Discover the physics of sailing, the chemistry of campfires, the science of blowing bubbles, the mineral composition of sand, and the forces that allow humans to ride bicycles and roller coasters.

The Physics of Sailing
The act of sailing a sailboat may not be as clear-cut as you might think. In fact, sailing entails a very complex process. In this video from QUEST, find out what is behind the sail of a boat.

Is a Bubble Always Round? | Science-U
Is a bubble always round? What do you need to do to create another shape? Can you make a square bubble?

Centripetal Force: Roller Coaster Loops
This video segment explains centripetal force and illustrates how roller coasters rely on it to give you a thrilling ride.

How to Curve a Ball Backwards Using Science | Physics Girl
Curving and bending a ball using the Magnus effect is common in every sport. The effect can be reversed though—kick the ball the same way, and it will bend in the opposite direction!

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Outdoor Summer Crafts

These fun crafts will get your kids outside and active! They offer great learning opportunities as well. 

Science Crafts for Kids: Paint with Nature | Nature Cat
Get outside and have fun with Nature Cat by using natural objects (leaves, flowers, or anything else!) as brushes or stamps to paint creative art projects.

Nature Cat | DIY | Bird Feeders
Feed your local birds with handmade bird feeders using pinecones, sticks and recycled paper rolls! Learn how to make three separate bird feeders using different materials found in nature.

Make an Awesome Shapely Kite
Build a paper bag kite with your child and learn more about lines, sides and angles!

Make Sun Prints
In this activity, observe the sun's energy while also experiencing nature and making art!

Make Edible Dirt Cups
Learn about the different types of soil and make an edible "dirt" cup.

Grow an Herb Garden
Learn the basics of botany and plant growth by growing an herb garden with your child.

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