Teachers and parents have probably heard the phrase “summer slide” in reference to students not engaging in mental exercises and learning through the summer. The phrase describes the loss of reading, math or other academic abilities that can happen throughout the summer months when school is not in session. But this idea can extend to physical fitness as well. With our culture’s increases in technology and interest in social media, it can be easy for kids to spend more time inside interacting with screens than playing outside or being physically active.

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and as eMediaVA Ambassador Dale Harter pointed out in a recent blog post, it’s the perfect time to get kids (and adults) thinking of ways they can stay physically active during the summer. WHRO Public Media has resources to help through our digital media content library eMediaVA.

“If you search for “physical fitness” in the eMediaVA search engine and refine your search with the current Virginia SOLs for Physical Education, you will find 312 resources, including documents, quizzes, lesson plans, activities, and videos,“ Harter explained. Many of the resources also combine physical activity with lessons on counting skills, literacy, health or exercise. There are resources for all grade levels.

He encourages teachers and parents to take the lessons to heart as well. “If you work with teenagers every day like I do, you learn quickly that, if you are going to “talk the talk,” you have to “walk the walk.” Don’t just tell students (including your own children) to make physical fitness a priority this summer. Set an example and do it yourself!“

If you are looking for fun physical activities for your family this summer, here are a few from eMediaVA that are freely accessible without an eMediaVa account.

Elementary & Middle School Students

emedia kidvision 1200

KidVision: Exercises for Kids

Miss Penny and the KidVision Kids went to Club One Athletics to learn about exercising for kids. We began with a stretch, went on to a warm up, then we exercised like animals, and finished with an obstacle course. Start healthy habits early and come to the gym with us!

Up Down Stop Go | Camp TV
In this fun movement activty from Playworks on Camp TV, join Coach Henry and Coach Naj in a game of Up, Down, Stop, Go. There's a trick to this game! Players must do the OPPOSITE of what they hear.

Exercise to Energize
This program shows how regular exercise helps keep the body healthy and strong. Discusses why it is important to do warm-up and cool-down exercises, and distinguishes between good and bad posture.

HealthBeat: Hip Hopscotch
In this lesson students learn that through exercise and keeping their heart rate up that the blood will circulate better through their heart and get oxygen to their brains. Find more fun videos like this is the HealthBeat series, created with the generous support of the Williamsburg Health Foundation.

High School Students & Adults

emedia yoga 1200

Assessment Exercises
In this interactivity, explore the different tests you use to assess your physical fitness. Remember, you will want to assess yourself before, during, and after you complete your personal fitness program.

Designing Your Personal Fitness Plan
Whether you seek help or design your own plan, it is important to understand how a personal fitness plan is created. In this interactivity, learn how to design a physical activity and wellness plan to help you maintain lifelong health and wellness.

Yoga Session
This video laces together a series of poses into a full yoga session. The yoga session includes students completing the yoga poses and movements along with an instructor.

Dale Harter is an eMediaVA Ambassador and a librarian in Chesterfield County Public Schools. Follow the eMediaVA blog to find more educational articles and resources that you can use at home.

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