School is out for the summer, but the learning can continue at home! WHRO Public Media's eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier digital media content library for educators and students, providing access to thousands of free, relevant, SOL-aligned digital learning resources for your family.

Engage and inspire students through the use of videos, audio recordings, images, interactives and labs, lesson ideas, and special collections. eMediaVA features content from state and national leaders in educational content like PBS LearningMedia, Library of Congress, National Geographic, Khan Acadamy, Sesame Workshop, Science Museum of Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg, NASA, and more!

We have activities for holidays, sunny days, rainy days and even virtual travel—so no reason to be bored this summer!

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Collection - The Science of Summer

Collection Camp GPB

Collection Explore the Outdoors

Outdoor Adventures: Engaging Nature and Science Activities for Kids

The “Summer Slide” Isn’t Just Mental

Heat Up Your Family's Summer Fun

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