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Tracyanne Campbell is the voice of Camera Obscura, a Scottish indie band, but since one of the founding members passed away in 2015 she has been silent, until now. "Tracy Anne and Danny" is a collaboration between her and Danny Coughlan of Crybaby, and is full of nostalgic originals that conjure up the early 60’s era of girl groups and crooners.

One of the songs is a tribute to Carey Lander the Camera Obscura bandmate who succombed to cancer but is remembered with bubbly enthusiasum and emotioanl hearbreak.

With production supplied by Scottish icon Edwyn Collins who also adds his vocals to one the songs, Tracyanne and Danny co-write, harmonize, swoon and sway with minimal but perfectly placed string and orchestral arrangements. 

"Traceyanne and Danny" may turn out to be a one-off collaboration, the fate of Camera Oscura is still unsure, but their self-titled album is a romantic collection of retro-styled originals that resonate long after the first listen.