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Dozens poured into the Berkley Supermarket Thursday morning when it opened its sliding doors to the public for the first time.

After Farm Fresh closed here in 2018, Berkley was a food desert.

Residents had to head north across the Elizabeth River or south to Chesapeake to find things like chicken breast or broccoli.

The city pledged $900,000 in loans and grants for local restaurateur Michael Palmer to open the Berkley Supermarket.

Residents like Mary Zackery implored the city council to do something about their community’s lack of affordable, fresh food.

Now, she’s thrilled to be able to shop in her own neighborhood.

"All I needed to come out here today for was just a couple of items, but if I needed the same couple of items that means I had to catch the bus to go to Food Lion (in Chesapeake)," Zackery said. "Now I can just take my wheelchair and ride around here and get those couple items and don't pay arm and a leg."

Zackery wasted no time grabbing a basket and heading down the aisles to knock out her shopping list.