Sunday, August 28, 8 p.m.

Beloved, betrayed and beheaded, Anne Boleyn is England’s most infamous queen. The second wife of Henry VIII, she was tried on his orders for crimes of adultery and treason, led from her rooms at the Tower of London to her death by an executioner’s sword. But to fully understand Anne’s rise and fall, it’s important to know more about her tight-knit, cunning and power-hungry family. Based on 16th-century sources, including rare original letters and documents, this new three-part series uses insights from leading Tudor scholars and dramatic re-enactments to bring this story to life from the family’s own perspective. Rising from obscurity to the apex of power, the Boleyns played a dangerous game and paid the ultimate price. But they changed the course of British history and left a remarkable legacy in the form of two magnificent monarchs: Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Anne, and Queen Elizabeth II, a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn.

Narrated by Shelley Conn, the series features Elizabeth McCafferty as Mary Boleyn, Max Dowler as Thomas Boleyn, Philip Brodie as Thomas Howard, Rafaelle Cohen as Anne Boleyn, Roger Evans as Thomas Wolsey and Sam Retford as George Boleyn.

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: “Ambition” – Sunday, August 28
Patriarch Thomas Boleyn is determined to elevate the family name. But it is his ambitions for his three children — Mary, George and Anne — that will take them to the heart of the Tudor court.

Episode 2: “Desire” – Sunday, September 4
Meet a more sophisticated Anne Boleyn as she returns to England from France having grown into a real beauty. Anne dazzles the Tudor Court while her family plays the long game to catch a king.

Episode 3: “The Fall” – Sunday, September 11
Follow Anne's journey as she becomes queen and changes the course of British history. This is a dangerous game and the Boleyn's have no idea of the high price they will have to pay.