Florida. New York. Ferguson. MO. Baltimore. All places where African American men died at the hands of white police officers.

Then Charleston, S.C., where a lone gunman killed 9 African American churchgoers during Bible Study.  This was the climate in America when WHRO and Another View began it’s “Race: Let’s Talk About It” initiative – a series of town hall conversations about race and its impact on society.  Those who participated in the conversations say they were open, painful, honest, and ultimately healing. Our goal is, and has always been, to bring the races together and find more common ground than separation. 

Louisiana. Minnesota. Dallas. Baton Rouge. The conversation must continue. We’re planning more town hall discussions so stay tuned. And we’ve revamped our whro.org/talkaboutrace page with information on how to hold sensitive conversations about race, podcasts of Another View and HearSay with Cathy Lewis where the community speaks out, plus articles and other information to keep you informed.  It’s also the place to sign up for new community conversations and to let us know what’s happening in your community.