With the rapidly changing circumstances and updated restrictions in place, WHRO Public Media has been checking in with local business owners, musicians and other community members to see how they are coping. From canceled shows to new ways of doing business, hear about both the challenges and the triumphs that residents are facing during this pandemic.

vanguard building

Local Brewery Delivers New Product

Jae Sinnett, host of Sinnett in Session on WHRV had a few moments to speak with Randy Thomas, president and owner The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery about their mandated shutdown, their opportunity to be part of the distillery team making hand sanitizer for the U.S. government, and the creative ways they are still working to support local musicians during the shutdown. Out of bad, comes good!

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vanguard brewery1200
vanguard beer1200

caroline scruggs

Local Performing Artists Band Together

Rebecca Evans, host of Arts Undercurrent talked with local musician and performer Caroline Scruggs. Caroline (like so many performing artists) saw her livelihood vanish in an instant with the COVID-19 shutdown of public gatherings. Yet, even in this most challenging time, Caroline has found a way to keep her performances going. She has also found a light and support not previously experienced within the artist and performing communities during uncertain times.

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caroline scruggs1
caroline scruggs2

Caroline Scruggs plays the theremin.