Once again this year, the Virginia Media Spelling Bee will be held at WHRO Public Media studio to determine which student will be competing at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. But before any student can get there, they have to win their school's spelling bee and then compete in the one held in our studio in February!

Is your school participating? It's not too late for schools to enroll.

Visit the SpellingBee website and encourage your school to sign up.



Victoria Vidal won the last Virginia Media spelling bee.

A Few Fun Facts:

  • The National Spelling Bee began in 1925 when nine newspapers joined together to host a spelling bee. Little did they know that 90 years later their literacy effort would reach 11 million students each year.
  • Eight spellers conquered eight championship words to make history in 2019. What were they? Auslaut. Erysipelas. Bougainvillea. Aiguillette. Pendeloque. Palama. Cernuous. Odylic.
  • The French word connoisseur has been the most frequently used word on Scripps National Spelling Bee word lists.
  • There was no Scripps National Spelling Bee from 1943-1945. It was called off due to World War II.

Local Schedule of Events:

Saturday, February 15 - Students competing in The Virginia Media Spelling Bee will gather at WHRO Public Media for the competition.

Saturday, February 29 - Winners will gather at WHRO Public Media for a station tour and watch party. The bee will air on WHRO TV 15 at 5 p.m.

Read the official rules of the 2020 Spelling Bee.

Watch last year's competition: