Would you like to be recognized as an expert? Would you enjoy connecting with other students to make a positive impact on your community? If so, becoming a member of WHRO Education's Student Advisory Board (SAB) may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

The SAB members will share their perspectives about online course content and their online learning experiences. Ultimately, the SAB will have the opportunity to create content that will be distributed in WHRO's online courses and the state-wide digital learning repository, eMediaVASM

The SAB will have both in-person and virtual meetings. Our first meeting is scheduled for February 21, 2022, President's Day, at WHRO from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

We hope to build a team of students for the SAB. We are looking for a high school student who:

 is enrolled in an HRETA owner-member school division;

 has taken or is currently taking an online course (An online course refers to students being physically distanced from their teacher but learning online using a device, the Internet, web conferencing, and a variety of software programs);

 has access to the Internet and a device that can reliably connect to the Internet;

 exhibits commitment to education and positive communication skills;

 can collaborate effectively with peers in person and online;

 has transportation to get to in-person meetings and activities;

 can commit to one meeting each month (February - May 2022); and

 can provide constructive feedback about WHRO online content.

WHRO prefers that students be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 so that they can participate in person at activities held in the WHRO building. WHRO’s current policy only allows fully vaccinated individuals in the building.

Selected SAB members will receive an honorarium following each meeting through $25 gift cards. Additionally, volunteer hours can be acquired toward graduation.