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pictured: two photos of a young Irene Leache

It’s been said that cultural life in Hampton Roads began with the arrival of two women: Irene Leache and Annie Wood.

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Bruce Springsteen’s 20th album, “Letter To You” is a true love letter to his fans as he reunites with the E-Street Band for an album recorded live in the studio over a mere four days. It’s what his following has always wanted and he delivers in spades

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On this week's Pickin' we're looking back on a decade of great bluegrass music from the 1970s. The genre experienced a revival then in large part because of two blockbuster movies. Do you know which ones? 

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Join us for a night of haunting tunes as we celebrate Halloween a little early. We'll hear songs about monsters, ghosts and the Day of the Dead. Tune in Sunday night.  

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Ever wonder what it would feel like to choose some of the music that gets played on the radio? Now you can. Submit your requests online and tune in Friday afternoons starting November 6. 

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In the summer of 1882, the little port town of Norfolk, Virginia welcomed a memorable visitor.

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Matt Berninger’s gloomy persona, which has defined The National’s albums, is brought to a new level on his solo debut “Serpentine Prison.”

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"While opening up the week’s onslaught of new CDs, one in particular helped put a huge smile on my face. The never before released 1968 concert: Thelonious Monk - Palo Alto." Read Jae Sinnett's account of how this unique concert came to be. 

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