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Hundreds of families are moving out of the Tidewater Gardens public housing neighborhood as Norfolk aims to redevelop near downtown. Most are moving out using Housing Choice Vouchers - more commonly known as Section 8 - and have had problems finding private rentals.

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Black students who do not attend a high-quality preschool program often enter school already trailing behind the skills of their peers.

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Colonel Hennadiy Kovalenko's distinguished military career is rooted in Ukraine--but he's currently in Norfolk, Virginia working for NATO. In this episode of Watching America, we hear his compelling insights into Russian aggression against Ukraine. 

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Over the several decades that Harold Smith performed with the local Bluegrass group East Virginia Pickin' co-producer Harold Smith had the opportunity to share stages with some of the legendary stars of the genre. This week we'll explore their music.

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This week we explore music from Richie Havens as well as North Carolina-based band Chatam County Line. Join us Sunday night. 

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For over twenty five years Spoon has been one of the most reliable bands in rock and roll, never repeating themselves and maintaining a unique sound that has never been compromised. On their tenth album “Lucifer on the Sofa” they continue that dependability

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Regret is something we’d all prefer to avoid. Regrettably, we can’t.

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Celebrate an early Valentine's Day with Pickin' on WHRV Sunday night at 7:00. We'll hear songs of love and affection from The Stanley Brothers and more.

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