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Self loathing, depression, emotional distress, mental health issues, darkness and death.  These are the themes that make up Soccer Mommy’s second album “color theory” but rather than downplay these emotions for the sake of writing good music, she embraces them, actually color coding them on this astonishing new album.

Despite the bitterness of what she is writing about, 22 year-old Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy casts each song into it’s color category blue for sadness, yellow for illness and gray for death and makes them sound sweet with intricate arrangements and production.

Allison’s mother died of cancer when she was a pre-teenager, not so long ago and the wounds still sound fresh and profound. Many of the upbeat and psychedelic songs distract from the lyrics meaning promising a revelation upon further listening.

Pulling yourself through devastation with music is the highly relatable process that soccer mommy illustrates on “color theory.” It’s a time honored tradition that the saddest songs are sometimes the most revealing.