The WHRO Public Media podcast Lyrical returns this spring with a new season of episodes. Starting on March 27, a new episode will be released every Friday for eight weeks. Host Jonah Grinkewitz interviews songwriters about the story behind their most meaningful work. The podcast takes you through the songwriting process, combining candid conversation with intimate musical performances. This season features eight unique guests, with music styles ranging from folk and Americana to soul and hip hop. One thing they all have in common though is a powerful story that hooks the listener.

Take Tyler Donavan, a rapper from Northern Virginia who underwent spinal surgery and thought he may never walk – or perform – again. Or Lena Klett, whose family’s musical influence inspires her as she tries to make it on her own in the 757. Discover these talented artists and hear their amazing stories starting on March 27.

Artists featured in this season: 

  • Bennett Wales (of Bennett Wales & the Relief)
  • Dariel Clark
  • Lena Klett
  • Tyler Donavan
  • Dan Villanueva (of Astropop3)
  • Koren Grace
  • Anthony Gragnano (of The Lazy Dangers)
  • Narissa Bond

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