Starting in January, “Arts Undercurrent” will hit airwaves every Thursday, airing at 7:45 AM on WHRV’s “Morning Edition” and at 2 PM on WHRO’s “Mid-day Classics.”

The four-minute show spotlights local artists, performers, directors, and the stories behind their creations. Full-length interviews will also be available at

The first five episodes of “Arts Undercurrent” showcase inspiring members of our community who specialize in spoken word, theatre, arts education, and chamber music. They’ll discuss their backgrounds, hopes, motivations, and where you can see them live in action.

Like many, I see my life in two stages: before I began making art and after. Although I didn’t grow up to be a professional artist, the creative process has served as a consistent place of expression, joy, and refuge throughout my life. The simple act of making something can enrich anyone’s life.

I’m excited to share my conversations with some of the most creative voices across our region. Join me for “Arts Undercurrent” beginning January 2.