Another View was created to give the African American community “another view” of itself, and the rest of the community “another view” of the African American community. This mission is more critical now than ever as we as a society grapple with racial, socio-economic, health and other issues facing people of color. We firmly believe that learning about each other, discovering commonalities and embracing differences will heal rather than divide us. That is the reason why every week we discuss today’s issues from an African American perspective.

We introduce you to thought leaders who are Black. We talk about politics, health, education, faith, culture – things that affect us all, but we tell you how they specifically affect the African American community. We share with you the good things that are happening in the Black community through our “Selected Shorts,” stories brought to you by our show producer, Lisa Godley. We have fun. We laugh. We challenge. We debate. And we listen to you, our wonderful audience! We love taking your calls and having you share your thoughts. There is no other show like ours on the radio in Eastern Virginia.

And now we are moving to Thursdays at noon, beginning January 9, 2020. If you’re a regular listener, come on over with us! If you’ve not had the chance to hear Another View, join us! Our show is about the Black community, but it is for everyone!

Perhaps our good friend Connie Jones of Norfolk, a member of WHRO Public Media, says it best in a letter she recently wrote to Another View: “Another View is so very intimate a program, with a bunch of folks sitting around in a studio talking about health or politics or hair or making wills. You get down to specifics and little details. And then you broadcast it to just anybody who wants to tune in. Like white people who have never been a part of those conversations, but who like me profoundly want to learn and listen and – well, see things from “another view”.

Join us on our new day, Thursdays at our same time, noon, beginning January 9, 2020. It’s not a conversation without you!

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