Writer’s Block, the WHRV initiative that features local singers, songwriters, poets and storytellers returns this Sunday morning with the Veterans Edition recorded November 9, 2018 at Stupft in Hampton. It presented veterans and family members sharing their stories about the sacrifices made in military life. The featured musical guest was U.S. Coastguard active duty member Brian Badami. Also hear Jeffrey Walker with “The History of Soldiering,” Nathan Payne with “Brotherhood,” and Thelma Jarvis Peterson with “Message in a Fruitcake.”

Writer’s Block can be heard Sunday morning at 11:00 on 89.5 WHRV FM or online. Find past episodes at whro.org/writersblock

Writer’s Block Featured Artist in Residence: Thelma Peterson

writersblock thelma

Thelma Peterson

Thelma Peterson is a watercolor artist and singer/songwriter living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Her work can be found in various galleries nationwide, as well as private and corporate collections. She has been recognized for her original songs “When the Watermen are Gone” and “I am at War.” She was the musical artist for the Eastern Shore Writer’s Block that was recorded at the Barrier Island Reef Center in Machipongo, Virginia. In September she was featured at the first “Chesapeake Music Festival” hosted by the Smithsonian in Annapolis, Maryland. Thelma writes and performs wonderful songs about the water andf shorelines of the Chesapeake Bay and the rich history of the barrier islands and its people. At the Veteran’s edition of Writer’s Block, she shared her engaging and emotional story “Message in a Fruitcake.” In 2017, she released her debut CD entitled Pull of the Moon.

Below is the recipe for the fruitcake in Thelma's moving story "Message in a Fruitcake." 

Emily Jarvis - Transatlantic Fruitcake

½ Lb. Butter
½ Lb. Sugar
½ Lb. Plain Flour
½ Dozen Eggs
Fruit & Nuts (whatever you like)
½ pk. Pitted dates
½ box golden raisins
4 oz. Green candied cherries
4oz. Red candied cherries
Slice of green candied pineapple (cut up)
Slice of red candied pineapple (cut up)
4 oz. Mixed candied fruit
½ cup Pecans
½ cup English walnuts
½ cup Black walnuts
Dash of Cinnamon / Dash of Nutmeg

Cream butter in bowl, add sugar, put eggs in one at a time and beat well. Add flour slowly, beating well, add a dash of cimminion and a dash of nutmeg, place dates, fruits and nuts into a bag with flour, shake to coat. (Keeps items from settling to bottom of pan.)

Grease pan with Crisco and line with brown paper bag cut to fit pan. (Cut a circle with hole in middle for bottom of pan, and strips to line sides of pan.) Grease both sides of bag well. Spoon batter into pan, decorate top with ½ pieces of Pecans, English walnuts, whole cherries and pineapple pieces. Bake approx. 2 ½ hours at 250 degrees. Check with straw to make sure done in center. Enjoy!