"Polaroid Lovers" is unlike anything Sarah Jarosz has done before.  It’s the seventh album for the folk musician who is a virtuoso banjo and mandolin player but the songs on the new album are pure Nashville, it’s louder, slicker and  more dazzling than her previous albums but the songs themselves are just as moving.

Jarosz says she has resisted the pressure to co-write with Nashville songwriters until now that she has a better sense of her identity and what she can bring to the table. On the new album she collaborates with songwriters Natalie Hemby, Jon Randall and her producer Daniel Tashian.

She has also moved to Nashville and has written a song about the effects of leaving her long-time home in New York city.

Lush sonic layers of acoustic guitar accompany Jarosz’s crystal clear vocals as she relies on her new found affinity for sturdy and resonant country rock. "Polaroid lovers", as the title suggests, captures the moment she is in now, as she leans into something bigger.