Podcast premieres Nov. 20

In the ever-expanding universe of podcasting, WHRO offers an illuminating, locally-produced account of one of history’s most harrowing chapters: the Holocaust. Enter Stars Among Us, a podcast that provides an intimate and immersive exploration into the lives of Holocaust survivors and liberators, as recounted by the very people who lived through the traumatic events.

Since the Holocaust ended almost eight decades ago, much of the world’s understanding comes from textbooks, movies, or second-hand accounts. While these are essential mediums, there’s an inherent distance, a detachment. Stars Among Us bridges this distance, plunging listeners straight into the heart of personal narratives, thanks to its impressive collection of archival interview audio.

From local executive producer Wendy Juren and podcast producer and host Doug Fraser, you’ll hear new voices, frayed by time but bolstered by resilience, narrating tales of survival and hope amidst unspeakable adversity. These aren’t just chronicles of the past; they are deeply personal confessions of wounds that might never heal and scars worn with both sorrow and pride.

Stars Among Us promises to go beyond mere storytelling. Through its gripping sound design, every rustle, every echo, every haunting note transports listeners to another time, another place. You’re not just hearing about a concentration camp; you’re walking its corridors, sensing its chilling despair, and marveling at the sparks of hope that flourished even there.

While Stars Among Us excels in evoking the harrowing experiences of the Holocaust, it also offers listeners rare and touching glimpses into the human experience during those times. Against the backdrop of immense cruelty and despair, strangely and beautifully, life found a way. There were stories of love, clandestine friendships, art, music, and an unwavering hope in a better tomorrow. This juxtaposition of the grim with the heartwarming underscores a central message of the podcast: that even in the darkest times, the human spirit can shine with unmatched brilliance.

Stars Among Us is a testament and declaration that these stories matter and must be heard, remembered, and passed down. With the number of Holocaust survivors dwindling yearly, this endeavor is more crucial than ever.

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Executive Producer: Wendy Juren
Host/Producer: Doug Fraser
Consultants: Elka Mednick, Gail Flax

Support from: United Jewish Federation of Tidewater & The Holocaust Commission