New releases are featured on this week’s Acoustic Highway. Local artist Dustin Furlow has issued Serene. He says, “These songs to me feel like diamonds derived from coal — shaped and shined by the five years of travel, love, loss, joy and ever-present bewilderment of Mother Nature.” We’ll hear several tracks from it including “Big Love” where he pairs with long-time collaborator Matt Thomas. (Despite Dustin’s recent move to Asheville, North Carolina, we will still claim him as our own!) Also, new music from Carrie Newcomer. Her latest album is entitled A Great Wild Mercy. She has been described as a "prairie mystic" by the Boston Globe and one who "asks all the right questions" by Rolling Stone Magazine. This is her 20th album. Tune in for these incredible releases which are bound for my “Best of 2023” list, on the Highway. Sunday night at 9:00 on WHRV FM.

You can also listen online.