A Sense of Community is what Michael Franti & Spearhead are after on their 13th studio album “Big Big Love.” That’s been their goal from the start and the globally recognized leader of the band has devoted his life to worldwide philanthropic efforts and the power of optimism.

It is a resonant album that weaves together a tapestry of reggae, funk, and soul, showcasing Franti's masterful blend of thought-provoking lyrics and foot-stomping rhythms. Franti's signature socially conscious themes are wrapped in warm melodies and infectious choruses.

Franti is no stranger to radiating a feel-good vibe and the new album’s production is clean yet earthy, allowing each instrument to breath and contribute to the communal celebration.  

Franti's ability to remain hopeful without oversimplifying the complexities of love and life is what makes  "Big Big Love,"  great. He encourages a renewed spirit and, a big, big love for humanity.