Old Crow Medicine Show’s new album is a quick follow-up the one they released last year and while that was more politically oriented, “Jubillee” is an album of songs with more common themes like romance, grief, reuniting with old friends and...cockfights.

The band has doubled down on their string band instrumentation with flailing fiddles, twanging banjos and soaring harmonies. The songs are about soldier’s widows, mountain horror tales and the fountain of youth.

There are some great collaborations with artists like Mavis Staples, Sierra Ferrell, and original member Willie Watson who joins them on a song that is appropriately about mending fences with old acquaintances.

Old Crow Medicine Show has been around for twenty five years and have never sounded more confident in their mission of following their folk roots. “Jubilee” shows off the vigor, passion and humor that has made them such a beloved band.