Growing up, acclaimed poet Amy Key dreamed of a life intertwined with romance, but fate had other plans. Now, in her forties, she fearlessly embraces the absence of romantic love and embarks on a quest to uncover the hidden joys of solitude. 

wa book ArrangementsinBlue

Key is a poet and essayist based in London. She is the author of two collections of poetry, Luxe and Isn’t Forever. Her new memoir Arrangements in Blue: Notes on Loving and Living Alone was inspired by her viral Granta essay, “A Bleed of Blue” and delves into her experiences with loneliness, envy, grief, solo travel and making choices about motherhood. Using Joni Mitchell's iconic album, Blue, as her guide, the author takes readers on a poetic journey through the uncharted territories of a life lived on one's own terms.

This week on Watching America, she talks with Dr. Alan Campbell about the beauty of independence, the power of self-connection, and the boundless potential of self-friendship.

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