Bethany Cosentino’s solo debut album “Natural Disaster” poses the question; is it worth it to improve ourselves if the world isn’t around long enough for us to benefit? As the founding member of Best Coast she is making her way through life in her thirties, she has gotten sober, she is finding her own voice and as the title suggests she is questioning the futility of it all.

Cosentino is the namesake and one half of the lofi indie rock band Best Coast who’s touring schedule was cut short by the pandemic and got her re-evaluating her musical accomplishments. She has shed the scuzzier side of the band’s trademark sound for a more polished effort with the help of producer Butch Walker. The result is a more varied approach to her songs.

The songs reflect dichotomy of thinking there should be more caring in the world while simultaneously wondering what’s the use? Cosentino’s vocals bring out this internal struggle with forcefulness and urgency when it matters and vunerability when it’s needed. 

While not a complete change in direction from her Best Coast albums, “Natural Disaster” frees Bethany Cosentino up to experiment with her emotional issues. Making the most of what is left to us seems to be what she considers worth the while.