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It’s fascinating when an artist can take personal experience and turn it into inspiring music and that’s what Erica Wennerstom has done on her solo debut album. The songs are the result of a personal awakening by the leader of the band Heartless Bastards and extol the virtue of risk taking to find one’s inner self. 

After five albums and fifteen years of touring with Heartless Bastards Wennerstrom, feeling unfulfilled, took a trip to the Amazon jungle in South America and to Big Bend National park in Texas giving her a new perspective on life. The songs, inspired by her travels, repeat a mantra of self-love. She says, “it’s starts with me, if I can’t be kind and loving to myself how can I expect anybody else to.”  

Her solo music, as a result, is more personal and transformative than her previous work but the long guitar driven instrumentation that frames these hauntingly beautiful psych-rockers will sound familiar.

With it’s positive energy and Wennerstrom’s eloquent, somber vocals, "Sweet Unknown" celebrates the notion that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone and this music, inspired by her own leap of faith, adds a new dimension to her work.