She is perhaps one of the world’s most iconic figures. Jacqueline Kennedy captivated the nation and the rest of the world with her intelligence, beauty, and grace. But who was she before she became a household name? From her adventures abroad in Paris to her groundbreaking career as a writer and photographer in Washington, DC., join us for a journey into the life of a remarkable woman on this week's episode of Watching America.

The world came to know her as Jackie Kennedy, the 35th First Lady of the United States. But before taking on that challeging role at the age of 31, she was Jackie Bouvier - a selfi-assured young woman who began her career as the Washington Times-Herald’s “Inquiring Camera Girl."

Carl Sferrazza Anthony is a writer, screenwriter, and journalist; an expert on Presidents, First ladies, and their families; and the author of over a dozen works of history and biography. He's conducted interviews with Presidents and their wives, wrote speeches for Nancy Reagan and penned the introduction to one of Hillary Clinton's books. His newest work, Camera Girl: The Coming of Age of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy, unveils the untold story of a headstrong, single young woman trying to figure out who she wanted to become.

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