The Dave Matthews Band has always been about the groove. On their tenth album “Walk Around the Moon” they continue to find innovative ways to keep it fresh. Whether it’s the middle eastern textures, the brassy bravado or the brooding acoustic intimacy, they have the ability to deviate from what’s expected of them after thirty years together and keep things interesting.

There’s only three original members still with the band. Drummer Carter Beauford and bassist Stephan Lessard have a natural affinity with Matthews and new keyboardist Buddy Strong shines, showcasing his ability to fill the void left by the departure of violinist Boyd Tinsley.

Matthews lyrics don’t shy away from political discourse with powerful songs about gun violence, anti-war sentiments and what it’s like to be a father of teenagers. The urge to find common ground is prevalent and, as always, love and gratitude.

“Walk Around the Moon”, their first album in five years, was forged out of the pandemic and many of the individual performances are virtual contributions. Given time on the road this summer, which will be one of the first times the tour doesn’t stop in Hampton Roads, these songs will become as ingrained into their oeuvre as all their classic have.