A phoenix rising the ashes is the way Eilen Jewell describes her new album “Get Behind the Wheel.” On her tenth album, Jewell’s rootsy noirish songs tell of the nadir her creeer hit during the pandemic and how by refocussing her life she was able to liberate herself.

During the pandemic her marriage fell apart to her drummer/manager, several close friends died and she moved with her young child to the mountains of Idaho to take stock. Afterward, she got her band back together, including her ex-husband and as the title to the album suggests took back control of her life and music.

The album is produced by roots rock specialist Will Kimborough who adds his own guitar to the mix that includes the great retro rock guitar of Jerry Miller and some Americana mastery by Fats Kaplan in steel guitar. 

“They say things have to get worse before they can get better,” Eilen Jewell says. “And for a while there, everything got worse.” “Get Behind the Wheel” is an inspiring work of artistic alchemy that transformed her heartache into a creative re-birth.