Virginia Arts Festival, Benchtop Brewing Company, WHRO FM, and Bar Trivia LIVE have come together to present a Broadway Trivia Night in honor of Virginia Arts Festival's Chicago the Musical: In Concert this spring!

Upcoming Event:

Monday, April 10 | 7:00 p.m.
Benchtop Brewing Company
1129 Boissevain Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507

The host for the evening will be Rebecca Weinstein, on-air personality and host of "Show Tune Cafe"!

Bar Trivia LIVE's Trivia games are made up of 20 questions broken into six "mini-rounds" of three questions each, one halftime question and one final question.

We'll ask you a question, and then play a song (usually a pretty awesome song, too). You get the time it takes that song to play (usually about 3.5 minutes) to write down your answer, team name and the amount of points you're wagering and bring it up to the host.

The winning team members of the evening will each get a ticket to see Chicago the Musical: In Concert on Saturday, May 6 at Chrysler Hall!

Read the rules on Bar Trivia LIVE's website.