March marks the 60th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ debut studio album Please Please Me, and die-hard fans remember where they were when they heard their first Beatles’ song. That’s the case for William & Mary Professor of Music and resident Beatles expert Tom Payne.

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Professor of Music Tom Payne.
Photo: Stephen Salpukas, Courtesy of William & Mary.

In a course he has taught for many years, "Music of the Beatles," Payne examines what makes the group’s music so unique and explores how one band’s music can still be influencing the works of today.

This week on Watching America, he joins host and music enthusiast Dr. Alan Campbell to discuss songs from the Beatles’ initial album as well as Payne’s college course in which he tries to pass on the significance of band’s work.

"I try to show them how the Beatles put a song together, what the elements are in that song and how those elements in that song work together to create some kind of satisfying experience musically where something happens," Payne said.

Listen to the interview.