The War and Treaty is the husband and wife duo of Michael and Tanya Trotter. On their new album “Lover’s Game” they draw on traditional folk, country, R&B, and spirituals, often combining them all in one song.

With jaw-dropping harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics, most of the songs are about marriage, and it’s not all tender and heartfelt either.

Veteran producer Dave Cobb captures their impassioned vocals and brings out the southern music tradition that their songs have sprung from. He and JD Simo create some great slide guitar runs throughout the album.

Michael and Tanya Trotter have been touring incessantly since their beginnings back in 2018 with long stretches on the road, late-night studio sessions and the stress that comes with the music industry today, “Lover’s Game” has a unique perspective on marriage from a couple who apprear to have it figured out.