The hard charging new album by Lucero “Should’ve Learned By Now” is an antidote to their last couple of albums, tapping into their bar band ethos.On their 12th album they are back to rocking out and partying on.

The long-time Memphis based band leaves no doubt about their intentions with the one-two punch of the first two songs on the album. “One Last F. U.” leads it off with full cowbell action and fist pumping swagger.

Ben Nichols’ gritty voice slaps against the punch of Brian Venable’s guitar on an album that is top heavy on raucous uptempo rockers.  Nichols says the album is a chance to re-visit their rock and roll side and get out in the world.

Lucero drew from their past recordings on a lot of “Should’ve Learned by Now” but by adapting songs that had been left over from other albums, they were able to put together one of their most impressive albums yet.