Joe Louis Walker is a long-time San Francisco bluesman whose newest album, “Weight of the World” is one of his most adventurous, as it breaks down genre barriers between soul, blues, jazz, funk, rock and roll and more.

Walker has been recording since his debut in 1986 and proves that he one of the foremost musical triple threats today. As equally adept at smart songwriting, fiery vocals and edgy and bold guitar virtuosity.

Most of the songs were written with Walker’s producer, Eric Corne who has recorded with Sugarray Rayford, Walter Trout and John Mayall. Cornes production is flexible enough to let these many different arrangements shine with just the right amount of flourish.

With a tight rhythm section and walker’s great vocal push, his ever reliable guitar leads the way through this showcase of musical diversity and reinforces his standing as one of the best roots rocking performers today.