In celebration of Ken Burns “Country Music” which started airing on September 15, we asked WHRO staff members and their friends “What is your favorite classic country song?” 

We are sharing these with video clips and asking you too to remember classic country moments.

"My father played this on a 45 record when we were young. My siblings and I knew all the words."
- Aileen Adams, Development Database Manager

King of the Road by Roger Miller

"If pressed to pick a single "classic" country song it would be Hank Williams 'Can't Stop Loving You' recorded by Don Gibson then Ray Charles. Why? Just because."

- Tom Morehouse WHRO Chief Financial Officer

Can't Stop Loving You by Don Gibson

"'Lost Highway'—Hank Williams. Oh, how so many have traveled down that road…"

- Paul Shugrue, WHRV Producer, Out of the Box

Lost Highway

"I simply loved, and still do, this song! 'Ode to Billy Joe' by Bobby Gentry."

- Heather Mazzoni WHRO Chief Content Officer

Ode to Billy Joe