Mark Erelli has been recording since the late 90’s and his new album “Lay Your Darkness Down” is inspired by a recent diagnosis of a degenerative eye disease that could leave him blind. For an observational songwriter it could have meant the end,Instead he has embraced the reality with inspirational songs.

As the title suggests he is focused on not only darkness but on clouds and light. The songs influenced by his condition are about surrendering to the understanding that sometimes life gives no other choices than to accept and find peace with the situation.

The title track is a beautiful tribute to the late Justin Townes Earle who died in 2020. Erelli describes the beauty of the aftermath of a storm and how his friend will never get to experience it again.

The catharsis of “Lay Your Darkness Down” is encouraging for anyone facing what Erelli is going through now and his ability to translate his thoughts into the beautiful arrangements on the album shows that, blind or not, Erelli is going to be doing this for a long time to come