Larkin Poe is a powerful blues-rock duo made up of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. "Blood Harmony," their new album, pays tribute to their southern heritage conjuring up gritty, swampy images with fiery slide guitar solos and soulful vocals.

Megan’s lap steel guitar work and Rebecca’s edgy vocal phrasings have defined the band since their debut in 2013 and "Blood Harmony" has a thematic quality that pushes this release even higher.   

Being Georgia natives, they go out of their way to revisit their roots on each song. Says Rebecca, “We have such fond memories of our upbringing and experiencing the beauty of Southern hospitality in its truest form. What we try to share through our music is the emotional equivalent of opening your door to everyone and inviting them in for sweet tea.”

Southern Rock is alive and well on Larkin Poe’s “Blood Harmony.” Stomping grooves, ferocious jams and hopeful lyrics are at the heart of this career defining record and a swaggering confidence in their storytelling ability is what makes this their best album yet.