School is back in session, which means plenty of afternoon school and sports runs. And news lovers need not worry about missing out while behind the wheel picking up the kids. WHRV offers an entire afternoon of news and informational programming that keeps listeners in the loop. Afternoons are anchored by two long running news programs beginning with Here and Now, which began 25 years ago as a production of Boston’s WBUR. Today, it is heard on countless NPR affiliates nationwide, including on WHRV Monday through Thursday. There’s international and national news as well as key pop culture content. Listeners might note that when there’s breaking news and we go to special coverage from NPR, often the Here and Now hosts anchor the feed. Also, daily, listeners count on NPR’s flagship news program All Things Considered to bring them up to date with news, analysis and commentary. For over 50 years, this program has transformed the way we listen to the news.

The WHRO newsroom continues its coverage of local, state and regional events and key happenings here in southeastern Virginia. Those reports can be heard daily in the local newscasts during All Things Considered. And, if you want to hear the stories again, they’re archived on the WHRO app.

And, equally newsworthy are stories about the people, history and culture of Hampton Roads, which can be heard on WHRV’s Open Channel. There are interviews with local newsmakers and a plethora of fascinating pieces on local history like the story of Grace Sherwood, The Witch of Pungo, The Roma Airship Disaster, which for a time, was the greatest airship disaster in the U.S., and the still unsolved 1972 murder of former Norfolk Mayor Fred Duckworth. These stories are embedded on select Thursdays during All Things Considered.

So, those afternoon school runs can help keep you up to date on the current events you need to know. After all, there are reports and homework to be completed, and WHRV can be your key source of information. Just keep listening!

Here and Now airs Monday-Thursday afternoons from 2-3 p.m.

All Things Considered airs weekdays 4-6:30 p.m.

Hear news reports from the WHRO newsroom and Open Channel stories on the WHRO app and at WHRO. org and, the WHRO news team is looking for your story ideas. Call our newsroom at 757-889-9312.