On Sunday night a gunman opened fire at a concert crowd in Las Vegas, killing dozens of people and wounding hundreds. The response to the shooting is ongoing. Meantime, the island of Puerto Rico continues to struggle due to the devastating hurricanes. And in Europe, the people of Catalonia have voted to concede from Spain. On WHRV you hear more than just bits of information. You get context, background, intelligent and thoughtful reporting, and news that is factual. When we bring you the news – whether it’s local, or national or international, we bring you the most knowledgeable experts from across the U.S. and around the world. We do it because in a world where news comes faster and becomes more complicated every day, it is not just about getting the story. It’s about getting it right. We are thankful for our community of listeners as well as those who support our mission and make this coverage possible. Many are wondering what can be done to help so we’ve provided links below to a few organizations.

American Red Cross

The National Compassion Fund


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