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"Heartbreak City" is Apex Manor’s first album in eight years, during that time Ross Flournoy, the bands leader faltered, then righted himself and returns to music with a new outlook; sober and ready to share his conviction to stay that way.

With feedback squealing from the album’s beginning Apex Manor lets it be known this’ll be a rough ride. A set of songs with a world weary, dark side to them as Flournoy takes a long hard look at his regrets and his recovery.

The album is not without aching beauty, Apex Manor slow the tempo to bring about some gorgeous moments among the noisier rockers. The brooding, pulsing and hypnotic effect making the messages of the songs easier to understand.

Ross Flournoy also fronted the band The Broken West and even when compared to Apex Manor’s first album eight years back “Heartbreak City” is a re-birth, and they’re not afaid to make it a loud one.