Gyroscope, which first launched in early 2000’s and ended unexpectedly in 2009, quickly became a cult-classic for those seeking music discovery, mixed with a journey through the human experience as told by writer, comedian, and student of humanity, Jon Kranz. Each week, during the one-hour show, Jon explores another stratum of life and the components that make up our individual and collective perspectives. Topics such as failure, diversity, the search for happiness, and our need as humans to remember how to be absurd and play. Gyroscope sometimes operates like a blender with the top off as Jon creates (in his words) ‘an audible reflection of the world as I see it…’…and the result is fantastic!

Music, spoken word, literary interludes, and soundscapes take the listener on a journey through the human experience; across the galaxy through dimensions in time and space. Whether you have had a rough day or a good day, if want something different, Gyroscope promises you will end each episode feeling fuller where it counts. Moreover, in doing so, you might come to learn as we have, Jon Kranz’s ability to take listeners on an ‘all-inclusive journey’ and emerge a more enlightened human may just be his best gift to the universe. 

The first 8-week season of the all-new Gyroscope with Jon Kranz airs Friday nights beginning September 22 at 10 p.m. on 89.5 WHRV. You can also listen online.

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