Digital and Artificial intelligence have seemingly overrun the workspace. Even more pervasive, we as human beings interact with machines as a means of professional survival. Smart-Speakers, App-based work collaboration and even job searches have gone digital. As a result, today's professional needs to understand how to break through to their audience. Additionally when the occasion does present itself for us to interact professionally with a 'real human,' we need to make every moment count!


Danny Rubin

WHRV's Take My Word For It from local author and communications expert, Danny Rubin, aims to give professionals practical career advice to help write, speak and lead with confidence—and he’ll provide these tips in 60 seconds! Perfect timing for the professional workspace where time is often one's greatest asset.

Whether you desire to write a more effective resume, chair a more productive meeting or craft an email that is more likely to be read, Take My Word For It can help!

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