Ever wonder what an early morning radio announcer looks like? Here's a sneak peek of what my schedule looks like:

6:00 a.m.      Wake up and eat a quick breakfast, catch up on the news. Zoom! Out the door!
6:28 a.m.      Stop to get one large black coffee.
6:44 a.m.      Pull into empty WHRO parking lot.
6:52 a.m.      Start to assemble the first few hours of the morning show. A Haydn symphony not played in a while, a Beethoven piano work to contrast…Perhaps a composer I have not heard before.
7:00 a.m.      ON AIR!!!

WHRO’s legendary Raymond Jones once told me that planning a show was like creating a new composition: contrasting composers from different periods, juxtaposing works of different genres, and pacing pieces of varying lengths—piecing together five hours that balance just like any of the sonatas or symphonies I play. This challenge is fresh every week and is unencumbered by the burden of overbearing programmers. I get to program my own show! That’s because WHRO and our members trust me. With that freedom, I look forward to exploring both the new and the familiar every weekend.

I hope you’ll join me weekend mornings for Car Tunes and Musical Brunch on WHRO 90.3 FM. And thanks for trusting in me with your radio station!


Chaz Stuart

Weekend Classical Announcer
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