Hearing Voices: Stars and Bars

Monday, July 3, 12 PM on WHRV 89.5

Celebrating America with flags, fireworks and summer festivals, featuring recitations and reflections on The Pledge” of Allegiance, the annual Rainbow Family migration into the forest on July Fourth, a town that covets their title of the “Armpit of America”, and Mississippi moonshine, barbecued goat and old-time Fife & Drum at Otha Turner’s Afrosippi Picnic.


Capitol Steps: Politics Take a Holiday! Fourth of July Edition

Tuesday, July 4, 12 PM on WHRV 89.5

SO you think you don't have any plans for July 4th? WRONG! SAD! Celebrate the holiday and pick up a few classified secrets by listening to the Capitol Steps as they poke fun at today's news with their brand new, one-hour 4th of July romp. This special promises to be huge, fantastic, tremendous...believe me, believe me.

If there's anything both sides can agree on, it's that we all could use a laugh. Tune out and tune in as the Capitol Steps rhyme the news of the day.


Did you miss Monday's show? Listen to the broadcast online. Happy Independence Day, and happy listening!