Author and horse trainer Grant Golliher believes people can learn a lot from horses, and he has spent enough time with both to know.

Through training thousands of horses, many traumatized or abused, Golliher learned essential lessons about communication, boundaries, fairness, trust and respect—lessons that apply not just to horses but to humans as well. The trainer that some call a “horse whisperer” owns Diamond Cross Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he and his wife Jane train horses and pass along their knowledge to visitors.

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Fortune 500 ex­ecutives, professional coaches, supreme court justices, and families from around the world flock to his Wyoming ranch every year to take part in horse demonstrations and training events. “By applying the lessons we teach, you can dramatically change yourself and those around you for the better,” he writes on his website.

Now Golliher is also sharing these life lessons from horses in a new book, Think Like a Horse: Lessons in Life, Leadership, and Empathy from an Unconventional Cowboy. On this week’s episode of Watching America, he shares with host Dr. Alan Campbell about his career working with horses and the lessons he has learned.

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