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Matt Lorenz records under the name The Suitcase Junket because he is a quintessential one-man-band, using a suitcase for percussion and a wide variety of repurposed items for instruments. On his new album "Mean Dog, Trampoline" he is working with a producer for the first time, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, who brings an enlightened focus to Lorenz’s playing.

Berlin brings added dimension to Lorenz’s lo-fi sensibilities with elements that expand his sonic spectrum and allow these folk, rock and blues songs to adhere to the attitude of his earlier recordings while becoming much more mainstream.

Lorenz’s lyrics are just as unique as his instrumentation. One song gathers together scattered notes from a first time home buyers workshop, and that’s the title of the song.

It’s been said that the manic live performance of The Suitcase Jjunket is hard to capture in the studio with it’s folksy yardsale ambience of saw blades, cooking pans and gas cans but Steve Berlin brings just enough organization to the madness to capture a much more accessible sound.