Suburban Key Party is a Va Beach band who’s fourth album “Darkness and Rainbows” is a combination of the layered guitar work of guitarist/singer Tom Southern and his sophisticated, original songs. SBK is his project though and through and showcases a thoughtful, yet fiery presence.  

Southern says the songs represent “a journey taken where the protagonist, with the best of intentions, often gets in his own way but makes peace with the trip.”

The album was recorded with help from co-producer Chris Kendrick at Whiskey Bear studio and with additional bass work from Patrick Myers. It is an impressive recording with Southern’s earnestly catchy songs and his intricate guitar playing.

A rock and roll album from start to finish, Suburban Key Party’s “Darkness and Rainbows” varies the tone and tempo of each song but never strays from the illusion that this is the work of a full, well-heeled band. That fact that it’s mostly one musician makes it that much more astounding.