In this week's episode of our five-part series, Educationally Speaking, we we explore the future of liberal arts education. Dr. Scott Miller, President of Virginia Wesleyan College, discusses the changing face of liberal arts education and how a focus in creativity and critical thinking is vital in today's economy. He explains how the changing demands of the 21st Century mean employers need more college-educated workers and more engaged and informed citizens. In segment two, we hear from two local working professionals in the technology and healthcare industry who graduated from liberal arts colleges. They share how those degrees helped their career.

The show is produced by Barry Graham and Kathy Martin.

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This week's segments:

Monday, 3/20 | Dr. Scott Miller, president of Virginia Wesleyan College, presents a discussion on the importance of liberal arts in America’s colleges and the need for arts focused education.

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Tuesday 3/21 | Dr. Tiffany Franks, President of Averett University in Danville, Virginia, discusses the importance of the college experience being one where students are able to apply what they are learning in the classroom. She responds to a statistic where 85 percent of today’s college students do not take a history class.

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Wednesday 3/22 | We meet Marty Blow who is an instructional designer. She came from a background where vocational training was the expected career path and there were limited expectations for a liberal arts education. She discusses how technology has inundated our lives and the ways that liberal arts education develops these innovatos who have changed our lives.

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Thursday 3/23 | Dr. Scott Miller and Dr. Tiffany Franks describe how the liberal arts experience is much more than book learning. It’s a discovery of issues and problems facing the world.

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Tune in for our final episode:

March 27-30 | Educating our Black Boys