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With a mouthful of a moniker like Better Oblivion Community Center this collaboration between Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers had better be good just to live down the name, thankfully it is.

These two artists have shown a penchant for collaborations, Oberst over the years with Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk and solo work, and Bridgers in a shorter amount of time with her well received debut and her work with Boygenius. With little fanfare or hype the self titled album in a humble way proves to be among the highlights each artists careers.

Oberst and Bridgers mostly sing in harmony or together creating a different voice, distinctive from their own work and they blend together different elements of Americana, rock and folk to keep an unpredictable nature to the performances.

Despite their differences in age the two artists prove how they are kindred musical spirits by playing to each other’s strengths, Bridgers as an observational  writer and Oberst as a confessional balladeer and Better Oblivion Community Center ends up being a pretty descriptive name for a collaboration that is truly in sync.